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UAB "Sports mode" is an official SELECT distributor in Latvia and Lithuania.

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Light years back, before the era of modern football began, SELECT’s founder, Eigil Nielsen, wrote the first lines in the story of the laceless ball and the development, which has led to the ball sport’s universe we know today. When Eigil Nielsen invented the original Brillant Super more than half a century ago, it had a Big Bang effect on football lighting one of the brightest stars in the sport sky.
SELECT has since revolutionized both the football and handball world with the 32 small panels that form the basis of the balls used for all football and handball tournaments all over the world today. And SELECT’s cooperation with a wide range of top clubs and leagues all over the world bears witness to a legacy and a responsibility which should be taken seriously, however unspecific and weightless it may be.
Eigil Nielsen – the inventor of the modern football
The Company was founded in 1947 by Eigil Nielsen, the Danish national football team’s goal keeper. He participated in 28 national matches from 1940-1951 and was there when Denmark won bronze at the Olympic Games in London in 1948.
In Eigil Nielsen’s days top players could not live solely from their sport so he chose to train as a sports psychologist and also had a job in the shoe and leather industry. Here he created the first SELECT football.
In 1951 Eigil Nielsen entered into an agreement with the Danish Football Association on supplying footballs to the national football team’s matches. As something completely new, the SELECT football had no outside cord. This meant that the ball retained its round shape much better and that the cord was not a nuisance when kicking or heading. The improvement was a radical new invention.
At this time, all footballs were made up of eight sections of cow leather which most of all looked like a brown leather orange. Later 18 oblong strips were used before SELECT in 1962 introduced one of the greatest inventions in the history of football - the 32-section ball. At the beginning of the 1970s Eigil Nielsen was again a forerunner when he and SELECT brought out a handball with 32 sections.
In 1974 SELECT moved away from cow leather and made the first hand-sewn synthetic leather ball. This material quickly became the material of choice instead of real leather and today practically all balls are made of synthetic leather, regardless of brand.

All sorts of football and handball tournaments are still played with balls based on Eigil Nielsen’s 32-section principle - just as all the balls produced in the world today are built on his innovation.
An innovative company with social responsibility
SELECT Sport is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hand-sewn balls and produces approx. 3 million balls a year. SELECT Sport is recognised as an innovator in quality balls and is represented by its own sales network or distributors in large parts of the world. We export to a total of more than 50 countries.
SELECT’s head office is located in Glostrup near Copenhagen. Our balls are produced in Pakistan by Anwar Khawaja Industries (AKI). We have never used child labour to produce our balls. SELECT’s workers and their families receive free medical assistance and medication through our SAHEP programme. This programme also provides education and schooling for all of the workers’ children.

Milestones in the history of SELECT:
1947  Eigil Nielsen makes his first quality football
1951  Eigil introduces the world’s first laceless football
1951  SELECT appointed official supplier by DBU, Danish Football Fed.
1952  The laceless ball is used at the Olympic Games in Helsinki
1957  SELECT appointed official supplier by DHF, Danish Handball Fed.
1962  The world's first 32-panel ball is presented
1965  First waterproof soccer ball is introduced
1974  First hand-stitched PU ball
1996  Cooperation with FIFA about global football criteria
2005  Official supplier to ASOBAL, top Spanish handball league
2005  Appointed official supplier of handballs to IHF, Int. Handball Fed.
2007  DHF has continuously played with SELECT handballs for 50 years
2011  DBU has continuously played with SELECT footballs for 60 years

“Sports mode” is the official distributor for SPALDING (US), SELECT (Denmark) and LEGEA (Italy) sports brands.

Shop for high quality SELECT (www.select-sport.lt),  LEGEA (www.legea.lt) & SPALDING www.spalding-baltic.com products in our e-shops or visit our retail store in Kaunas, Savanorių st. 192, Lithuania.

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